Social Justice

Look I’m not perfect. I don’t confess to be. I’m addicted to women to a fault, I care about Work and earning money too much, and I can be selfish and insecure. But I’m not an asshole, and try to be a decent person. I really don’t have a bad temper, so don’t get the […]

Walt Disney Presents – Tinderella 

As I have spent the better part of half a decade in a relationship, I was quite curious to test out tinder. I’m an open minded person, and who knows if you don’t give something ago. Plus I was in a relationship not a nuclear bunker, so I have heard some pretty funny stories about […]


When it comes to relationships we are all doomed. You can’t say growing up with Disney and Hollywood chick flicks was healthy for your image of relationships and love. The happily ever after starts and ends at the moment the guy gets the girl. The content is even worse. Lies, games, interference and unrealistic expectations. […]